The Go Fast Platform

Stronger Together.

Empowering Producers, Riders, Associations & Facilities With A Digital Platform

What's The Go Fast Platform?

At Go Fast, we're not just another producer, but a hub where riders and producers come together. The Go Fast Platform connects producers and riders in a way that transcends our industry to new heights by leveraging online tools and software.

And Just How Is That?.. The majority of our software and online tools are Free!

How The Platform Works

We built simple yet vital tools for riders and producers. Each feature below plays an important role on the platform.

Forerunner Accounts - Free & Optional

Riders (Forerunners) can create a free account to store their information and horses. When entering a race on our platform, their info is autonomously loaded on each form . They can enter a race in literal seconds.

  • Saves General Rider Info
  • Up To 10 Horses
  • Store League ID's (BBR#, WPRA# etc.) 
Entry System

Our entry system is simplistic for riders, flexible for producers, and producer centric. Producers get an intuitive copy of each entry along with confirmation emails sent to each rider upon entering and other abilities or add-ons.

  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Tailored Entry Form
  • Dedicated Webpage
Forerunner Enabled

Other 3rd party barrel racing producers can work with us to host Forerunner Enabled point races. Know one that would want to be enabled? Send them our way! We make it super stupid simple.

  • Enabled Races Listing
  • Weekly Enabled Races Email Blast
  • Special Wild Card Race Opportunities
Payment Processing

Our payment processing is next level by connecting you to our partner, Stripe. This allows for lower fees an no wire/transfer charges. You control your money, we host the form.

  • 3.5% + $1.99 Application Fee
  • Watch & Manage Payments
  • Accept All Major Debit & Credit Cards
Web Hosting For Producers

Host & build your production's website directly on the Go Fast Platform, a platform for producers by producers.

We make technology super stupid simple.

  • 1 Site
  • Free SSL
  • Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Web Visits
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Producer Web Template
  • Drag/Drop Builder
  • Unlimited Users

What Racers Are Saying

Here's a glimpse at what racers are saying

No Paper Work

"Go Fast literally takes all the paper work out of the equation. It's like hitting an easy button"

Hilary LoBue


The Technology!

"I can’t say enough positive things about the technology! Yes, yes and yes"

Hassle Free

"Hassle free online entering, love having an account where you and your horses info is automatically filled in"

How To Get Started As A Producer

These are the steps a producer will take to get started on our platform


Step 1: Apply

Submit an application form here. This helps us learn about you and how our platform can empower your production!


Step 2: Discuss Race Format

We'll learn your race format for tailoring an entry form specifically for your races. This includes outlining requirements & information need from riders to enter your race, etc.


Module 3: Connect Your Stripe Account

To connect your Stripe Account to our platform, you'll submit a form that we'll send when ready. Once connected we'll tour the management portal where you can manage payments coming in for your races.


It's that simple. Depending how fast we move together, you'll be up and running within a couple days. 

Why The Go Fast Platform?

Our Platform

has taken us to the next level as a producer because we use it ourselves. Everything we provide other producers has been tested, done and is currently used by us. Not only has it been tested but we're continually testing new features and abilities, and improving the platform.

What More Racers Are Saying

The Process Is Easy

"Once I set up my account it was super easy. The forms were simple to navigate and the whole process was easy. I didn’t have to worry about getting there and getting to someone so I could sign forms or pay. They also keep me informed about events and the email notifications are not annoying like some"

Keeping Riders Updated

"Go fast entry form online is super simple and convenient. Once you have your account set up it’s just a click to enter. Go fast also sends out emails to keep the riders up to date on new things and any changes"

Mother Of A Racer

On The Go

"This platform is amazing for the cowgirl on the go. You can sign up for any race in just a few clicks. Easy to navigate, and very user friendly. I love how you can save your horses & information for next time. I wish all producers would use this type of platform"

In The Parking Lot

"Go Fast's entry system enables us to enter when we drive into the parking lot of the race or days in advance so easily! It’s great!"

Online Entries Stays Open

"I like that the online entry stays open to where you can even enter on the way to the race. So convenient"

Selecting Time Slots

"I love being able to select a time slot on the entry form, this absolutely is the best system if you have colts to work or need to fix an issue"

Racer & Mother Of A Racer

Our Platform Partners

Value Beyond The Horizon

When you use our platform, you're getting more than just the value of whats already here. If we were to have told you 4 years ago we'd go paperless, we'd probably cringe.

When we say "The Value Beyond The Horizon", we are saying there IS value that exists but can't yet be seen or perceived. We recently launched our change request form and this ability was right under our nose for 4 years before it 'clicked' with us...

The more you use the platform the more refined your process becomes. Our bread & butter is systems and processes.

Now fast forward today and we've built a platform all producers and riders can utilize. Not just barrel racing producers, but producers of any type.

We give you tools that allow you to do more with less. If we can producer for a living, so can you. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

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Are process fees paid by producer or rider?

Are there contracts involved for using the platform?

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How long does it take to set up?

What is required to get setup on the platform?

Does the producer manage or build the entry form?

Is support available after setup?